10 Workouts Under $10 in Charlotte


Don't worry. I'm not going to sit here and tell you 10 reasons why you need to start this new year off sneakers blazing, with your fitness resolutions tattooed on the back of your hands... (as if you haven’t heard that get-moving-guilt a thousand times before). Instead, I’m going to be the cool mom and I'm going to tell you that if you do feel like moving a bit more in this new year, here are the 10 budget-friendly ways to do it in Charlotte… because they are all UNDER 10 BUCKS!

1. Stax Bootcamp - FREE

Think of this bootcamp as the bi-weekly block party that you simply can't miss. It's where you can find 100+ of your Charlotte neighbors sprinting, lunging, and burpee-ing in unison to Randy Moss' orders. Yup, that's right, former NFL pro Randy Moss actually gets down and dirty with you at this bootcamp. So therefore after your workout, you totally have bragging rights to consider yourself a NFL rookie in training 😉 When? Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Learn more: Click here.

Stax Bootcamp

2. CLT Freeletics - FREE

For those of you who like to fly under the radar, CLT Freeletics is like the top-secret, underground fitness club of Charlotte that you've always wanted to be a part of. You won't know when and where the workout will take place until the deets are posted in the private Facebook group the week before. But when you find out, be sure to clear your schedule because this is one hour of heart-pumping bodyweight exercises, inspirational pep-talks, and contagious motivation that you will not want to miss. (And don't be fooled by the group's secretive front: every member of this secret society will welcome you with nothing but smiles and open arms. Seriously the friendliest bunch in town.)

CLT Freeletics Workout

3. Cyclebar - FREE

If you remember the epic Side to Side-esque dance party I attended last fall, then you already know that you have to get your tush in a Cyclebar saddle pronto. And here's your non-committal chance to experience this rave yourself, because Cyclebar is offering a free class to all my #fitfriends! All you have to do is use the promo code "BLOGGERBAR" at checkout! When? Any day of the week, with classes ranging from 5:45a - 7:15p. Learn more: Click here.

Cyclebar Workout

4. Orangetheory - FREE

After learning that Orangetheory has been crowned the "best one-hour workout in the country" and that your first 1-hour workout is free, I'm over here scratching my head as to why I haven't gotten my butt in one of these tangerine-colored studios yet!? Oh and after discovering that this interval-based workout burns 500-1,000 calories in 60 minutes, I'm now physically kicking myself. So you know what, Orangetheory, I pinky promise that you will find me front and center very soon. Who else wants in? When? Any day, 5a - 8p. Learn more: Click here.

Orangetheory Workout

5. 9Round - FREE

Boxing is totally in right now. Well, at least that's what I've been telling myself ever since I saw the picture-perfect Gigi Hadid hop into the ring. And truly, I've never actually boxed before (other than in 4th grade recess when lil sis tried to nab my Furby ...😈). So since your first class at 9Round is free, I think it's time I get some formal training. Who wants to fist bump with me? When? Any day, 7a - 8p. Learn more: Click here.

6. Royal Change Fitcamp - $5

If you've ever been to a Royal Change bootcamp, you know exactly what I mean when I say that this workout will truly change you. And if you've never joined in on the fun, trust me, it's the hidden gem of an ass-kickin' that you've been looking for. Sydney is a one-of-a-kind instructor and motivator, and she never fails to produce workouts that will test your limits, but leave you feeling on top of the world. And for only $5 for your first workout and $10 each time after, this fitcamp will quickly rise to the top of your weekly to-do list. When? Saturdays at 10:30am. Learn more: Click here.

Royal Change Fitcamp Workout

7. AirFit - $5

Now I can't say I've ever tangled myself up in the turquoise silks of AirFit Charlotte before (mostly out of fear that I will crash land like some uncoordinated baby bird.) But I've set my sights on conquering this bucket list to-do within the next few weeks. Soooo... who wants to take flight together? When? The $5 Community Classes take place on Wednesdays at 10:45a, Fridays at 12p, and Sundays at 11:30a. Learn more: Click here.

AirFit Workout

8. YogaOne - $5

Back in September, I bravely decided to tackle my very first yoga class, because 1) my good friend @workinweight peer pressured the poop outta me, and 2) YogaOne gave me an offer that I couldn't refuse: a $5 class for any skill level. 😱 Well, it turns out this killer deal wasn't just a one-time gig: it's an EVERYDAY kind of thing! So come on guys, it's time to human-pretzel. When? Everyday, 1-2 classes per day! Learn more: Click here.

Yoga One Workout

9. Coreology - $5

When I brave up for a Coreology class, it's pretty much the only workout I check off all week. And why, you ask? Because I physically can't get out of bed for the next 7 days...💀. So considering Coreology is offering $5 classes for their newbies, I consider that one hell of a deal for the workout that keeps on giving. When? Any day at any of their classes. Learn more: Click here.

Coreology Workout

10. Madabolic - $10

I'm really hoping the name alone of this workout isn't some sort of hint that one must be completely mad to step foot inside. Because despite the many pictures of intense interval exercises on the Madabolic website, I'm pretty sure I would have to be completely insane to pass up their $10-for-10 days special. 'Na mean?? When? Any day, 5:30a - 6:30p. Learn more: Click here.


Featured Image via Royal Change.