4 Tips for Finding Workout Motivation During the Winter


Don't we all love/hate the winter? On one hand, it's so easy to despise the cold and dreary conditions that test our devotion to staying fit, but at the same time, it's those same chilly temperatures that grant us the ever-forgivable excuse to stay snuggled up by the fire. Because isn't it secretly okay to miss a workout for the sole reason that it's actually really fricken cold outside? THE ANSWER IS NO. 'Cus this year, we're gonna be some tough cookies and we're gonna learn to love the wintertime. Yes, you heard that right. Let's challenge ourselves to admire this easy-to-hate season because of how strong it is going to make us. Sure, it's going to test our limits and make us question how badly we want to achieve our goals. But if we can brave the cold and stay on top of our training, we will be even stronger, more dedicated, and fearless competitors for it. 👊

So come on team, we got this. And when the times get really really tough, I promise these 4 tips for finding motivation will keep you right on track.

Winter Workout Motivation

1. Overflow your calendar.📅

Get a bit ambitious and schedule your races for the next few months. I'm not just talking about jotting some mental notes for which ones you are interested in running. Literally take out a bright red Sharpie, put some big fat X's on your calendar, and purchase those race registrations. If you go ahead and set your running dates in stone, you are so much more likely to get moving as those races start approaching. Need a hand? Check out my go-to race planning site.

2. Fork up some Christmas cash.💸

Getting stuck indoors, doing the same workout routine day in and day out is a recipe for boredom. My suggestion: splurge a bit and sign up for all kinds of fitness classes in the area. The winter months are the perfect time to switch it up from your normal routine and see if you can find a new niche. So get creative here: look into cycling, boxing, barre, yoga, pilates, TRX, bootcamps, the list goes on!

3. Limit the sweats.👖

I find EVERY excuse in the book to rock my sweatpants all winter long... (I'm cold. My jeans are too tight. It's kind of socially acceptable right now....) But unfortunately these ridiculous justifications for getting comfy can be the poison that kills your beach body dreams. So here's what you need to do: get dressed. Be an adult and put some real pants on. And if that's too much to ask, at least swap those baggy fleece sweats for some figure-hugging yoga pants. Because at least those will be sure to remind you that you have a body that needs tending to under there.

4. Think tropical.🍍

Book those summer vacations and tell your Facebook world all about them. Because I know that when I have a bikini-only holiday planned, sh*t gets real. I lock in my unspoken hopes of becoming Adriana Lima for the summer and I bust my wanna-be Brazilian booty to get in shape. And studies show that when you publicly commit to something (aka, bragging all about your upcoming Hawaiian trip on social media), you are more likely to follow through with your goals.

Winter Workout Motivation