CLTivating a Brighter Charlotte


Ever have one of those moments when you meet someone who makes you want to be better? Not just work harder at what you do, but actually be a better person all around. Well I had one of those experiences when I met Zack Gudzan on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I stumbled across Zack's brand, CLTivate, when I was aimlessly scrolling through Charlotte hashtags (I'm all about shopping local and reppin' some #CLT pride). So admittedly, I was initially lured to his page by this clever crown design I saw popping up all over my feed, but after a few clicks and a bit of research, I realized I discovered something much greater than a fresh hometown apparel brand.


You see, Zack created CLTivate with the most selfless of intentions: to give 100% of the profits to those struggling with addiction in Charlotte. That's right, all the time and sweat that he puts into 1) designing, 2) manufacturing, 3) delivering these tees, isn't for the goal of building an empire. It's simply to aid those who are going through something most of us can't understand.

On the CLTivate website, Zack so bravely shares his story about he too has been in a dark place. But he shines light on how people dealing with addiction need positive outlets, such as exercise, entertainment, and education, to get through their struggles. And with the proceeds from the shirt sales, that is exactly what CLTivate delivers to them.

So all of my Charlotte #fitfam, please help me in spreading the word about this worthy brand. And be sure to snag your Crown tee to help grow Zack's mission of making Charlotte a brighter place for everyone.