Coconut Water is Out, Maple Water is In (GIVEAWAY)


A couple of weeks ago, Sap on Tap introduced me to their maple water that is shaking up the natural beverage industry. They offered to send me some samples to try and since I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in natural health, I couldn't refuse. But no lies, my first assumption: I like my syrup on my waffles, not in my water bottle. Regardless, I cracked a bottle open, closed my eyes, and braced myself for a sugar rush... seconds later, I processed the cool gulp, and realized I couldn't be more wrong about this drink.


You see, unlike maple syrup which is boiled down to create its sugary composition, maple water is served directly from the tap in it's most natural state, so the sweetness is very subtle and if served cold, it is almost overpowered by the hydrating rush you taste.

Oh and the health benefits? It's a power-packed punch of minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. Since the sap travels up from the roots of the tree, it gets filtered along the way, resulting in 2x the amount of manganese as a cup of kale. (You know, one of those minerals that kinda does EVERYTHING.) And with less than 9 grams of sugar per 10 oz. serving (aka, a 30-calorie treat), I will be definitely reaching for a bottle as my next post-workout refreshment.

Want to try it yourself?

Sap on Tap is giving away a case, including each of their flavors (Original, Ginger Lime, and Yerba Mate) along with t-shirt to one of my lucky Instagram friends! Stop by my Instagram page to enter before Friday, September 9th at 12pm EST, when I will be announcing the winner. Good luck!