My Go-To Dog Park Workout (Video)

Little known fact about me: I'm a seasoned dog-walker. And by seasoned, I mean I've been dog-walking this fall season in my free time. 🐶  Why exactly? Because if you haven't already heard, Matt surprised me with a puppy for my birthday back in September (um, best boyfriend ever!?), and since my neighbors needed a hand with their dog and I'm a work-from-home boss lady, I decided what better way to pocket some extra cash!?

But one thing I've learned from the mutts in two short months is that they can never get enough. My planned 30-minute walks have often evolved into hour-long walks (I can't say no to puppy dog eyes), which has in turn put a serious dent in my gym-time. I've discovered there are never enough hours in a day for me to workout like I used to pre-pup, so in order to make some muscles I have to get creative. And that means working out while on the job. 

So here's a handy dog park workout I came up with for my fur mamas who only have time to lift a leash after work:

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 20 seconds rest in between. Repeat entire set four times.

1.  Box Jump Jacks

2.  Elevated Push-Ups

3.  Plank with Knee-to-Elbow

4.  Hip Thrust with Toe Touch

5.  Sprints with the Pup