My 3 Favorite Running Sunglasses


I never really grew out of my 90's neon hat phase. Mostly because the Fresh Prince got me obsessed with the trend and then LMFAO convinced me it would be cool forever. Plus over the years, I kinda brainwashed myself that their wrinkle-preventing capabilities during runs were like no other. Especially compared to a lousy pair of sunglasses. Because in my opinion, sport sunglasses were only meant to be worn by alpha dad bikers who take their Sunday morning rides way too seriously, and short-temperedbaseball coaches. Not a mid-20's cardio queen who is desperately trying to hold on to her youth.

But recently I changed my tune when I noticed that my hat hair was getting a bit ridiculous. So I finally decided to give these athletic shades a shot, and I began my vigorous hunt for the best running sunglasses in the game. My mission was pretty straight-forward: find a pair that 1) didn't play slip-n-slide down my nose, and 2) didn't make me look like Lance Armstrong. But in reality, the search wasn't smooth-sailing. I looked high and low, near and far, for a pair that met my demanding criteria. And after several vigorous mall hunts and a few hundred Google clicks, I came up dry. (In case you didn't know, there are a lot of ugly sunglasses out there...)

But I persisted and I finally stumbled upon the winning trio that I have welcomed into my running routine. So now, with great pride, I present to you the three pairs that have passed all of my tests and earned the right to be called a "Rockstar Running Shade":


Zeal Optics Idyllwild in Powdered Peach, $109

How do they fit? These shades are incredibly comfortable: they almost don't even feel like they're there. They fit very securely on your face and are light as a feather.

Do they surf your nose? Not at all. With a performance rubber injected into the frame that can withstand hot and cold conditions, these babies are there for the long run.

What's the view like? This particular pair has a darker tint.

The perks? Their thick arms block light from your peripheral vision. Also, they don't leave a stubborn indention on your nose when you take them off! (All kinds of brownie points for that. 🙌 ) Oh, and the best part: they're made completely with plants, meaning they're meant to thrive outdoors.

The cons? The lighter color of the matte frame might get dirty with sweat (not from experience, just guessing here).

You want 'em? Snag these stunners here.


Oakley Moonlighter in Polished Black, $120

How do they fit? These shades are also super lightweight. They have a more airy feel, since the frame isn't as bulky as other sunglasses you might find.

Do they surf your nose? Not very much. Even though they aren't the most secure glasses out there, the textured nose pads keep them in place pretty well. I've tested them for both long runs and sprints, and they've stuck with me every step of the way.

What's the view like? The gray-colored lenses provide a lighter view. To get all technical on you, they have 18% light transmission. (0% being dark as night, 100% being clear as day.)

The perks? They're supa fly. I can easily transition these shades from workout to play, with a simple change of shoes.

The cons? The thinner arms don't guard your peripheral vision from the sun.

You want 'em? They're all yours here.


Tifosi Optics Marzen in Matte Tortoise, $69.95

How do they fit? These sunglasses are the lightest pair of the bunch. I kid you not, they probably rival the weight of a pencil.

Do they surf your nose? Nope. The rubber ear and nose pieces make sure they stick around for the ride.

What's the view like? On the lighter side, with 17.1% light transmission.

The perks? Now brace yourself for all these: 1) Super affordable; 2) The style is not overly feminine or masculine (I even caught my boyfriend rocking them the other day); 3) They come with removable arms, so you can switch between a casual or sporty look; 4) The lenses are scratch-resistant and the frames are mighty durable (you know, just if you happen to be as klutzy as me...)

The cons? Just like the the last pair, the thinner style of the arms don't completely block your peripheral vision from the sun.

You want 'em? Shop 'til you drop here.

Please note: This not a sponsored post, and I wasn't paid to feature these sunglasses. I just really fricken love 'em. 😍