My Vegan Chocolatey AF Mousse


I get it, world. I know I'm the only one on this planet who hasn't seen What the Health. 🙈 But the cold, hard truth is: I don't want to. I seriously don't have the slightest desire to turn my ignorant eating habits upside down right now. But my lil sis, on the other hand, can recite the documentary in her sleep and has officially converted to an all-vegan diet. So last weekend, she surprised me with a weekend visit to Charlotte. Being the gracious host that I am 😇, I spent Friday afternoon scrambling to make a sweet treat that she could indulge in (while I scarfed down all the dairy-loaded baked goods in sight). So let me introduce you to my "Vegan Chocolately AF Mousse". (AF because it's made of aquafaba AND because I have a potty mouth.😉)

Now you may be asking yourself WTF is "aquafaba". To put it simply: it's the slimy goo you find at the bottom of a can of chickpeas, that you've probably been pouring down your drain your whole life. Gross, right?

Well I'll tell you what's not gross at all: that bomb chocolately goodness I prepped in a solid 20 minutes. It was deceivingly indulgent and as equally decadent as it was guilt-free. Total win-win. So here's how you bring it to life:


1 can of chickpea juice (FYI, chickpeas are also known as garbanzo beans. My sister died when I called to ask her this...😂)

1 cup dark chocolate chips, chopped finely

2 tbsp. maple syrup and maybe a few sprinkles of Stevia Vanilla (if you have an out-of-control sweet tooth like me)

1 tsp. vanilla extract

A pinch of coconut and a couple of raspberries (to make it gram-worthy)


Step 1. Pulvarize the chocolate chips.

Chop them to a manageable size so melting them won't take all afternoon.


Step 2. Melt the chocolate into an ooey, gooey goodness.

Melt the chips either using your microwave or by putting them in a bowl in a pot of heated water. Once the chocolate starts to look like fondue, resist all temptation to dip your finger in and steal a lick.


Step 3. Give it some suga'.

Add the vanilla, maple sugar, and Stevia to the chocolate and give it a nice stir. Remove the chocolate from the heat and let it cool down a bit, but not so much that it begins to harden again.


Step 4. Awaken the aquafaba.

Pour the chickpea juice (but not the actual chickpeas) into a blender, and blend it into a foamy, whipped consistency. Disclaimer: you'll definitely want to hold your nose for this part. Aquafaba STANKS.


Step 5. Stir away.

Slowly stir the chocolate into the aquafaba until you don't see any more chocolate clumps. If you used a blender, the mixture might be super runny at first, but it will eventually look like a drool-worthy latte. Feel free to put your Starbucks barista art skills to use here.


Step 6. Let it chill.

Pour the mixture into small bowls and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Side note: my fridge is NEVER this clean. I wiped it down just for y'all. ;)


Step 7. Go to town on it.

Decorate it with some fruit, take some Instagram pics (or else it didn't happen), and get your chocolate comatose on.


Also, be sure to tag me in your pics (@nathletix) so I can see how much better y'all are than me at this whole cooking thing. 🙌 Enjoy!