Why You Should Never Miss a Sunday Morning Reps + Rides Workout


Contrary to popular belief, cycling at high speeds before undergoing an intense circuit training workout won't actually kill you. In fact, based on my first experience at Royal Change's bootcamp with CycleSouth, I'd actually venture to bet that you WILL have a blast. (You know, if you're okay with hobbling around, achingly sore the next day. 😉) And I totally am. So when Sydney invited me to another hybrid class she would be co-hosting with Cyclebar, I nearly dropped my phone out of excitement. I remembered just how high-energy and endorphin-packed these events are, so I cleared my super-busy Sunday morning schedule and made sure that one of those bikes would have my name on it.


I showed up to STAX right on time and walked up to a welcoming bunch of 30 or so people. I had just enough time to say some hellos, nab my size 6 cycling boots, and oogle at this incredible gym, right before the Cyclebar instructors enthusiastically welcomed us over to the bikes.

Upon their cue, I beelined straight for the back row (my go-to cycling class move 🙌) and nervously settled into the saddle. Within seconds, loud, heart-pumping tunes filled the gym and the Cyclebar girls had us more excited to work than if Rihanna were serenading us herself. Their positive energy was infectious and soon we were all falling into formation, with giant grins on our faces. Ten minutes after that and it became a rave. Heads were bobbing, helicopter towels were swinging, and we were officially the coolest motorcycle gang in town. Our energy couldn't be stopped... well except when Cyclestar Erin yelled "time's up" and our burning legs eagerly got us off those bikes in a matter of seconds.


So we sprinted over for a quick water break, refueled our spirits, and got ready for round 2. Sydney gathered us around while she broke down the first circuit of fun: 10 frog sit-ups, 10 medicine ball burpees, and 10 medicine ball slams, as many times as you can for 8 minutes. In theory, piece of cake, right? Well, in reality, jello limbs. But we did it, we were high on endorphins, and smiles were spreading like wildfire. That is, until we remembered we had another round ahead of us.

Next up: 30-second circuits of sprints, medicine ball rainbows, cross-body toe touch crunches, and inchworm planks, each to be completed 3 times. Since this round included 3 workouts which I have never tried before, I was seriously having a blast during this time. Like, I truly didn't want to quit. Weird, right?

Medicine Ball Slam

But it was time for the grand finale of our 60-minute workout. We split into two large teams and lined up and down the gym facing each other, western showdown style. The instructions were simple, but the task, not so much. We were each to hold a plank while we rolled a medicine ball down the length of the line, back and forth for two minutes. The team with the most repetitions wins. So off we went. Anxiously holding our planks, waiting for that anticipated ball to head our way. And I don't know if it was my lightheadness from skipping breakfast or the possibility that I might have exhausted myself into delirium, but the way the dude planking next to me launched the ball so wildly, giving us the lead every time, had me belly-laughing uncontrollably. So thank you strong-armed man, for 1) intensifying my ab workout, and 2) ending my incredible Sunday morning workout with an even bigger smile.

We wrapped things up in a group stretch, with some quick words from Sydney. She applauded us for taking the time out of our mornings to come get a killer workout in, with a group of people we didn't even know. And as I was driving home, I really thought about her warm praise. She was totally right. Getting out of bed on a Sunday morning to do something A) out of your comfort zone, that B) physically and mentally exerts you, requires a good amount of courage, discipline, and looniness. And we should totally pat ourselves on the back for each of those.

So snaps to all of my #fitfam who got up and got moving! Whether you crushed your scheduled Sunday long run or tried something new with some unfamiliar faces, you earned the right to call yourself a badass today.

Royal Change

Images via Royal Change.