The Secret Weapon I've Been Hiding in My Running Shoes (GIVEAWAY)


I've been a runner for over 10 years now, but I gotta admit, as of 3 years ago, not once did I ever think to swap out the dinky foam insoles that come inside a new pair of running kicks. Mostly because I naively assumed they were glued in there permanently, but also because I never thought my teenage trail-blazing feet would ever need anything more. Well with more age and more mileage, poor support in my shoes eventually led to old lady aches and a reoccurring case of Runner's Knee. And as much as I wanted to blame these annoying pains on overtraining, I had to face the fact that the demon behind all of this was actually living in my shoes.

To be completely honest with you, from my very first insole shopping trip, I had complete tunnel vision for Superfeet. Like, I was a moth beelining straight for the bright, rainbow display. And then I discovered that the Candy Land colors were more than just a ruse to catch the eye of an unsuspecting 90's girl: they actually represented the personalized technology that goes into these bad boys. So upon that realization, I absolutely couldn't wait to sit down with a clerk and get my foot's "personality" test taken (because I'm the biggest sucker for every Which Disney Princess Are You? quiz out there...) After a few questions and a brief jog around the room, I was matched with my glorious green insoles. And as soon as I took these new friends for a spin, I knew I would never wear another running shoe without proper support again. 🙌

"Left foot, right foot, low foot, high foot." - Dr. Seuss

Turns out, an overwhelming number of us have dealt with a some type of foot problem in our lives (and I'm not talking about smell 🧀 ): 180 million people, to be exact. And even though a wonky fitting shoe can seem like something you can tough it out for, poor support can actually lead to injuries all over the body: foot and ankle pain, knee stress, hip joint stress, lower back strain, back pain, and neck strain.

But the science nerds over at Superfeet have our backs, or um, feet covered. Because they have devoted over 40 years to studying podiatric medicine and have earned over 40 patents on their award-winning insoles. They know the importance of a properly supported gait, and they know that all feet aren't made the same. Therefore, Superfeet boasts a collection of 38 different styles varying based on activity, footwear type, and gender. No matter if you have the foot arch of Bilbo Baggins or if you're simply struggling with two left feet, there's an insole for you. So slip these bad boys in your shoes and walk easy, knowing that you've got customized support for every step you take.

Super Feet

And now I have an announcement to make...

I am jumping up and down with excitement because Superfeet recently invited me to join their #SuperSquad, a team of ambassadors who help cheerlead for this killer brand. 😍  I've got my pom poms ready and I'm thrilled to share what I consider one of my biggest running secret weapons with all of you!

I'm kicking off my ambassadorship by giving away a pair of custom insoles to two of my #fitfriends! So be sure to swing over to my Instagram page to enter before Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 12pm EST, when I will be announcing the lucky winners. Good luck y'all!

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