My Summer Race Calendar


My summer mantra has always been: warmer temps, shorter runs. Because let's be real: 1) every runner knows that humidity is hell, and 2) the beach trumps trails any day. But this summer, I'm throwing myself a curveball: I'm spending 11 weeks from June-August training for not one, but TWO half-marathons. Not because I've completely lost my mind, but instead because the race gods from up above have granted me entry into the two biggest races of my running career!! Take a peek at all of the miles I'll be covering below:


I'On Club Firecracker 5k - July 4, Mount Pleasant, SC

Every Fourth of July, my family honors our annual tradition of overdosing on hotdogs, hamburgers, and those devilish blue icing cookies. πŸ˜ˆπŸ’™ So since I'm definitely not one to break tradition, I've decided this year I should probably do something to balance out all of that cookout craziness. Hmm, ya think 3 miles of Charleston trails will do the trick?  Who else is gonna be patriotic with me? Come on, Uncle Sam wants you to. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

San Francisco Half-Marathon - July 23, San Francisco, CA

Here it goes: my very first destination race! Sure, I've run halves all around the Carolinas, but never before have I actually hopped on a plane to run 13.1. So what better way to celebrate this new feat than to do it across the Golden Gate bridge!? If you happen to be one of the other 20,000 runners who beat the cut-off, comment below so we can chat overcoming Karl the Fog.

Lululemon SeaWheeze Half-Marathon - August 12, Vancouver, Canada

I may be a little biased (due to my ridiculous obsession for this Canadian activewear brand), but in my opinion, this is the hottest race of the year. So on a whim last November, I threw my name into the Lululemon lottery and prayed that 2017 would be the year I race the picturesque streets of Vancouver. Well guys, somehow the stars aligned and SeaWheeze gods were on my side, because I was granted the golden ticket, and on August 10th I'm officially flying to Canada! (And I even suckered my rents into joining me and making a nice little family vacay out of it.) Talk about the BEST SUMMER PLANS EVER! Unfortunately this race sold out within minutes, so if luck was also on your side on that fateful day, comment below and let's meet up at the seawall!

Yiasou Greek Festival 5k - August 26, Charlotte, NC

And to end the summer on a high note, I'm running my legs back to this annual hometown race. This will be my 3rd year in a row racing down the streets of Dilworth, and my 3rd attempt at becoming a human balloon full of greek food post-race. Because come on, what's a party without too many gyros and baklava!?  Don't miss out! Go greek and sign up here