The Sock All Runners Should Be Wearing (Giveaway)


Us runners know to keep our enemies close but our friends closer. (Enemies being hills, and friends being anything that makes our run easier.) Prime example: I first discovered Feetures! socks at an expo when I began running cross country in high school. And if you've ever tried on a pair, you know exactly what I mean when I say from that day forward, my feet would forever thank me. I kid you not, ever since that fateful day 9 years ago, I haven't purchased another brand of running socks.

Image via Feetures!

See, these aren't just any socks. They are MAGICAL socks 😉. They are technology-packed and geared to enhance the performance of runners and other athletes. Here are just a few of their tricks: blister protection, ventilation for breathability, moisture-wicking fabric, targeted support and compression, and anti-odor properties. (I can confidently say I own ten pairs of socks that are smarter than I am.)

So I want these socks to change your running game too.

I've teamed up with Feetures! to give away a pair of socks to two of my #fitfriends! Be sure to stop by my Instagram page to enter the giveaway before Friday, 12pm EST, when I will be announcing the winners. Good luck!