Meet the Lululemon of Brazil


I know I'm not the only one who stalks Adriana Lima's Instagram page on the regular. And I know I'm not the only gal out there who covets practically any sports bra Alessandra Ambrosio trys on. So I wanna see some hands. Who else is dying to know where all of the picture-perfect Brazilians are shopping for their workout wear?

Track & Field Store

Well it's too darn ironic that about a month ago, Silvia Skufca, the owner of Charlotte's The Track & Field Store reached out to me to see if I would be interested in checking out the brand's newest collection (which just so happened to be spotted on Brazilian beauties Arine Pellegrini and Laisa Rocha). It took me all of a millisecond to excitedly oblige, because spending the afternoon playing dress-up in workout clothes is pretty much what I live for. Total no-brainer.

So after a morning of rummaging through drool-worthy lycras and nylons, I picked out a stunning combination: the seductive Nature Bra + the effortless Power Cool Jacket + the memorizing Fluid Tights. I took the dreamy ensemble for a spin (and was lucky enough to have the talented Logan Fincher capture all of my Rocky-esque training moments) and then I found myself wearing it for the next three days. Yup, I had fallen so deeply in love with the look, that it was going to take an army of laundry police to make me switch to a pair of jeans again.

But apart from spending the perfect day prancing around in luxurious fitnesswear, I also got the chance to pick Silvia's brain about this fit-fashion brand that has been spotted in every yoga, barre, and cycling studio in our city. And what I discovered might just make you give your worn-in Wunder-Under's a run for their money... The Track & Field Store

That's right, watch out Lululemon, because there's a new activewear empire in town. The Track & Field Store may be a new concept to the US, but in Brazil, it is the country's largest fitness brand. And we're pretty lucky, us Charlotteteans. Because we get to have a taste of this hot Brazilian label, despite the brand's super exclusive presence in America, with stores only in New York, Miami, and very own Queen City!

Track & Field Store

So if you venture over to the heart of SouthPark Mall, you will see that the store is arranged in a boutique-like setup with color-coordinated sections (the type-A in me did backflips when I spotted this dreamy organization 😍 ). The clothes are impeccably organized by collection, which helps you visualize your entire outfit in just one glance. And if you're still having difficulty pairing your polyesters, the staff is super accommodating and knowledgable about the DO's and DONT's of fitness fashion. (Not to mention I'm pretty positive all of them were Brazilian models in a past life...)

Track & Field Store

When I think of who should be wearing this label, I think of the die-hard athletes, who want to train in elite performance wear, no matter the season. Or the active moms who have just enough time to squeeze in a barre class before it's back to running around town. And it's for those of us who want to look trendy throughout the day, while still being about to workout at any given moment (at least that's my excuse when I'm too lazy to change out of my workout clothes post-gym sesh: "Oh, you know, I might squeeze another one in today..." 😉  ).

Basically, it's for everyone. Even the fellas and the little ones. Because this posh athleisure brand was designed for anyone who values comfort, performance, and most of all, style. And I'm 98% sure that's pretty much all of us. But on the off chance you do find yourself in that 2% who prefers to blend with your itchy black cotton leggings, then shine on, because this is not the brand for you.

The Track & Field Store

See, T&F is bold. It's unique and it's sexy: the kind of sexy that only Brazilian designers know about. The fabrics are hand-made with innovative technologies to make sure they are working with your movements, and not against them. And somehow every legging in the store knows how to magically tuck in those undesirable bulges we're forever trying to shed. (I knew from first try-on that I would be best friends with the high-waisted Sprint leggings forever.)

But wanna know my favorite part about T&F? This brand keeps you guessing. Every few months, you will find a new collection in the store, and every 2 weeks, I can guarantee you will find me rummaging through it. The patterns are exclusive, the colors are spot-on, and I can confidently rock these threads knowing that I'm going to kill my workouts and I'm going to look damn good doing so.

The Track & Field Store

So remember when I convinced you that buying a new workout outfit is actually good for your health? Well I'm kinda thinking now's the perfect time to put this theory to the test. If you're in the Charlotte area, I dare you to swing by The Track & Field Store, indulge in some retail therapy, and leave feeling like the Brazilian bombshell you are meant to be.

Also, be sure to mention code "NATH15" to receive 15% off of your next purchase! And if you're not located in Charlotte, T&F takes phone/email orders and ships anywhere in the US! Happy shopping!

[Images via Logan David Fincher.]